I stumbled across this website over the weekend and I thought I’d share it with you to brighten your Monday.

HadOneJob.com  is a website featuring people’s spectacular failures on the ONE task they were asked to perform.  I’ve chosen a selection of DIY/Design type jobs showcasing just how important it is to choose a tradesman who knows what they’re doing.
Enjoy :-)


I know men often have trouble putting the seat back down but I would like to think that most of them at least know which way around they’re supposed to go!


Always make sure your carpenter knows which way up the doors go!


Somebody didn’t do a whole lot of forward thinking when they designed this kitchen!


Seriously!!!! How stupid do you have to be.


So close!

And my personal favourite…….


Have you had any DIY disasters.  Go on fess up!  We won’t tell anyone :-)

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