An interesting way to hang your artwork is well…. NOT to hang your artwork!

If done correctly simply placing an item strategically in a space can give a casual sophistication to a design scheme.  You can change the layout on a whim and of course you have the added advantage of not having holes all over your walls.

Here are some of my favourites.


I love this rustic look achieved by setting this distressed door set behind the chair.  Image from Pinterest

Bedrooms and hallways are great spaces for setting a large mirror against the wall.  Now I know I said earlier that one of the advantages of this method is that you don;’t have holes in your wall.  However there is an exception to every rule and large mirrors are  hat exception.  It is always a good idea to fix a mirror to the wall to prevent injuries.

Image from Holy Craft



This is Glamorous

Image from Tracery Interiors on 


Source Lonney


Source Slim Paley

Image from

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  1. Bolin says:

    Really it is a very good design.and looking very nice.

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