Have to be honest January…. I’m not a bit sorry to see you go!  But at least your friend Mr Snow didn’t visit this year………she says with fingers crossed, because he could still make an appearance!!

The most depressing month of the year is over, the daffodils and crocus are beginning to make an appearance and spring is in the air.

February is also the month of luvvvv!  A month traditionally divided between the romantics and the cynics of this world. I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to buying cards and flowers on the day simply because I think it’s a rip off!  But I’m still a sucker for  romance and have no objections to a little wine and candles and a romantic dinner.

The good news is I’ve survived one month without breaking any of my New Year’s resolutions  icon smile Bye Bye January  I’ve started a photography course and I’m still on target with my 365 project.  I’m also meeting a friend for dinner tomorrow night which is a meet we deferred in January, so technically that’s resolution number 3 covered too icon smile Bye Bye January

I have loads in store for you for February and I have a couple of exciting new projects coming on line too so make sure you check back  here to see what’s happening.

But for now so long January, here’s a quick review of my 365 month:-

bye bye january 500x375 Bye Bye January


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