For most of us the nearest we come to a large spacious bathroom with a deep full length bath, his and hers sinks and warm fluffy towels is when we visit a luxurious hotel.  Unfortunately a lot of bathrooms in today’s modern homes are so small you couldn’t swing a cat in them (I never understood that phrase, why would you want to swing a cat!!!)

But small doesn’t have to mean poky.  With clever use of light and reflective materials, you can achieve some amazing results.  If you have a small bathroom, don’t fret because here are 12 of my favourite small bathrooms.

bathroom58 500x500 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

I love this bathroom from Roomenvy it feels so tranquil. The pure white design gives an element of simplicity.

small bathroom velux room 25 beautiful homes 500x500 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

The sky light gives this small bathroom a spacious feel.  They even found room for the his and her sinks icon smile 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms Image from HousetoHome 

2a056cac430529b37675d8d59f58040e 338x500 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

I like the shelving idea in this small bathroom I spotted on Pinterest.  

small bathroom modern 25 beautiful homes1 500x500 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

Small and sleek.  The black glossy wall and floor tiles and the recessed WC work very well in this narrow bathroom.  Image from 25 Beautiful Homes

modern bathroom 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

I love the clean lines in this modern bathroom photographed by Architectural Photographer David Churchill

You can even add some fun to your design. Trombone sinks for example……..

509a5f319f5f79a39b91fd1b14fd84cc 500x331 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

Or a bicycle maybe icon smile 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

37117b52b138bfb887aa5eb236a09a08 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

contemporary powder room 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

The tiled accent wall works very well in this small guest bathroom. And I love love love the mirror and frame over the WC. Image from 

bath 2 375x500 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

Eduardo over at The Designer Pad transformed his teeny tiny bathroom which amazing results.

long narrow bathroom 445x500 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

The slimline sink and WC maximise the floor space in this narrow room.  The mirror behind the WC also helps to give a sense of space.

traditional bathroom 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

A bedroom closet was converted into a beautiful en-suite.  Image from

04domino rect540 12 Small But Beautiful Bathrooms

Bright quirky accessories bring this otherwise bland bathroom from Apartment Therapy to life.

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There is no reason that you can’t have a stylish bathroom even if you are tight on space.  Follow these tips to maximise your space and design appeal.

  • Tile right up to the ceiling.  This will help to draw the eye upwards.
  • Using large mirrors and glass shower enclosures to increase the feeling of space.
  • A floating WC and sink will give the illusion of a greater floor area. 
  • Pick one focal piece.  It will draw the eye and add personality to your space.
  • Clear the Clutter – Optimise as much space as possible with clever storage.

For more tips on creating your own bathroom haven, see my Bathroom Bliss article.

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  1. Yvonne Whelan says:

    Love the blog page Karen and love the loo’s .. want to gut mine now ahhh

  2. Hannah G says:

    A really interesting blog Karen. It’s so true, lots of bathrooms are smaller then we would like them to be, I like to see it as less space to clean! Your examples really show how small bathrooms are wonderful. There are so many items you can fit into the bathroom to have a bit of glamor into the smallest spaces.

  3. These all 12 bathroom are looking really nice.

  4. I like 3rd picture of your blog, it is really nice.

  5. Thanks for your post which is truly informative for us and we will surely keep visiting this website. We are also in same industry and welcome you to visit our website

  6. It’s really nice and beautiful bathrooms design which is inspirational and attractive.

  7. Well they all are amazing and simply stunning. OK my personal favorite? I would love going for Roomenvy, the all white concept. I think with bathrooms, the idea of peace is very close and so is it with white. I also like the translucence effect :)
    P.S: they all have that WOW factor!

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